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Ester Embossed                            

Ester Embossed Acoustical Foam is designed to provide maximum absorption in minimum thickness. The flexible polyurethane foam is manufactured to optimize uniform cell structure, airflow resistance as well as good heat, humidity, flame and chemical resistance. The attractive textured pattern increased surface area, density and airflow resistance for maximum sound absorption. Ester Embossed material can be applied to various household appliances, business equipments, medical devices and  transportation vehicles.

Ester With Urethane Film                

Ester With Tedlar                             

Ester With Metalized Mylar            

Ester Acoustical Foam with different types of Film Facings is designed to provide a durable, abrasion and puncture resistance as well as an impervious facing to most petroleum, moisture and dirt. Material is suitable for various applications such as air ducts, clean rooms, vehicle interiors, printers as well as other industrial applications. It is also ideal for engine rooms, medical and food processors.

Ester With Perforated Vinyl           

Ester Foam with Perforated Vinyl is designed to provide maximum absorption and resilience with 14% open area. Its attractive leather like appearance makes it ideal for vehicle interiors, marine headliners and implant application such as walls, partitions.

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